The Red Oak Wedding Chapel

The Red Oak Wedding Chapel

“Going to the Chapel and I’m going to get married!” Maybe more difficult than you anticipated. According to a news report in February 2022, KY-3 reported that “the Industry experts predict 2022 could have the most weddings nationwide since 1984. Local venues across the Ozarks say they too are feeling the heat from the surge, but that surge follows a few years of minimal activity.”

If you are planning a wedding in 2022-23 and have been unable to find that perfect quaint and charming chapel nestled deep in a community with a rich history-look no further than The Red Oak Wedding Chapel, located in northwestern Lawrence County, just 3 miles north of Historic Route 66.  

In 2020, the United Methodist Church members were dissolving their Sunday Services and decided to sell the church.  The church was built in 1954 after a Christmas Eve fire destroyed the previous church built in 1877. This church had been the place of worship for seven generations of the Arthur family.  

A Red Oak family hated to see the focal point of the community become just another abandoned building.  Since their acquisition of the church it has been restored to its original beauty, boasting original hardwood floors, wooden pews and a bell tower with a working bell to ring to the world and announce your nuptials.

The community of Red Oak is a quiet community with ties to the late artist Lowell Davis, who moved most of the buddings from his hometown of Red Oak to Red Oak II, located near Carthage, MO.

The chapel is perfect for the couple who is looking for something simple, affordable and unique.

If you would like to see the Red Oak Wedding Chapel in person, please contact Chi-Chi at 417-849-6231 to schedule your wedding.

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